The Willows is a private day nursery situated in a quiet area away from busy roads and traffic. We are located just a few minutes drive from Rochdale town centre and Junc 20 of the M62. We provide convenient access and safe parking.

The Nursery consists of three units where we care for the children in their specific age groups. The baby unit isĀ  permanently allocated to 12 children aged from 3 months to approximately 20 months. Within this unit there is a sleep room and it has an adjoining outdoor play area. The Toddler unit caters for up to 24 children aged from approximately 20 months to 3 years old. This unit consists of 2 rooms both with adjoining outdoor play areas. The Pre school unit caters for 24 children from 3 years upwards. Within this unit there is a large open plan space with an adjoining outdoor play area.

The age restrictions on our three groups are a guideline only. If we feel your child has reached a stage in their development where they would benefit from moving into the next group, then through consultation with yourselves we will do so.