Our Fees


Fees are reviewed annually in September and reflect our commitment to rewarding and retaining our staff and reinvesting in the nursery building and equipment.

Payment of fees

Fees are payable monthly by standing order and are taken in advance on the first day of the month to which they relate. Fees are payable during absence, sickness, public and bank holidays and personal holidays.

Government grants

Children aged three and over will benefit from the Nursery Education Grant. We will administer the grant fully on your behalf. The amount of the grant will depend upon the number of sessions attended per week.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers allow you to pay nursery fees from your gross salary and can save you hundreds of pounds per year. We accept a large number of Childcare voucher companies.


If you have a second child who starts nursery whilst the first still attends you will receive a 10% discount from your monthly fees.