Our Rooms

Babies 3 months – 20 months approx
Our baby room consists of a large floor area for manoeuvring and play and also a messy area for water, sand and painting etc. Read More about The Squirrels
Toddlers 20 months approx – 2 ½ years approx
When we feel your child is confident and mobile enough, they will progress into our Badger group 1 where their time is spent between our five areas; the Quiet Room, Messy Room and 3 adjoining Outdoor play areas. Read More about The Badgerss


Badgers 2
Toddlers 2 ½ years approx – 3 years
As your child moves into our Badgers 2 group they still benefit from spending time in our 5 areas of provision but their day will begin to include focused group time Read More about The Badgers
3 years +
When your child reaches the ‘Owl group’ their day will become slightly more structured, their daily routine will now include “letters and sounds” activities and a focused teaching session delivered by one of our Early Years Teachers. Read More about The Owls