The Badgers

Toddlers 20 months approx - 2 ½  years approx

When we feel your child is confident and mobile enough, they will progress into our Badger group 1 where their time is spent between our five areas; the Quiet Room, Messy Room and 3 adjoining Outdoor play areas. All of our learning environments have well resourced areas of continuous provision that encourage the children to learn through play and develop their independence. Within our Badger Unit we also have a separate room for sleep times.


Badgers 2

Toddlers 2 ½  years approx - 3 years

As your child moves into our Badgers 2 group they still benefit from spending time in our 5 areas of provision but their day will begin to include focused group time e.g. ‘Letters and Sounds’ activities and looking and listening groups. This helps to prepare children for our Pre-School environment.

Although our Toddler children consistently remain in their groups; Badgers 1 and Badgers 2, they access our five areas of provision on a rota basis throughout the day.